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The Government insists on complete arrangements regarding the health and welfare of the workmen in their home life. The New Eussia Company, in Southern Eussia, employs 14,500 workmen. Only 150 of these are women, a showing which compares more than favorably with conditions across the Austrian border. The company supports a hospital with 106 beds and a dispensary with six doctors, five surgeons' assistants, two midwives, one apothecary and. two assistants, the cost of this department amounting to $36,000 per year. It supports a system of schools costing $75,000 per year, and tea houses, baths, etc., etc. That all this is good cannot be questioned, but that it is a regulation of the State bespeaks a paternal government, and a people who need a paternal government, and this is a people who are in a certain stage of evolution and who must develop for more than one generation before the common peasant becomes the industrial equal of the artisan of America.
As might be expected in a country so great, there are several centers of production, and owing to the undeveloped condition of transportation the distances intervening between these centers acts as a commercial protection. This is true in every country to a greater or less extent, but Eussia presents extreme examples. The
Approximate Annual Output of Coal, Ore, Iron and Steel in Eussia; tons.
District.	Coal.	Ore.	Blast Furnaces.			Pig Iron.	Steel.	Wx'ought Iron.
			Cold Blast.	Hot Blast.	I			
South ...................	11,750,000 350,000 4,000,000 100,000	3,120,000 1,610,000 490,000 650,000 30,000 90,000	3 33 2 9 4 3 54	sr 102 33 45 5 17 339	40 135 35 54 9 20	1,350,000 640,000 300,000 90,000 20,000 30,000	980,000 290,000 280,000 190,000 180,000 20,000	60,000 250,000 70,000 50,000 90,000 20,000
Urals   ...............								
Poland ..................								
Moscow .......... ....								
North. . ..................								
Siberia and Finland. . ,								
Total .............								
	16,200,000	5,990,000			293	2,430,000	1,940,000	540,000
Moscow district, in the center of Eussia, is 600 miles from the works in Poland, or from those in Ekaterinoslav, while Poland and South Eussia are separated by an equal distance. The Ural district